My life began in 1986 in a small town in Pennsylvania. It wasn't until 2007 that I took the leap to Chicago and began my adult life. I had moved there to attend Columbia College but it wasn't long before I had my try at stand-up. Thus began a ten-year road of performing in front of audiences in Chicago, New York, and festivals around the country. 
In 2018 I decided to return to school to further my education and better secure a professional life in media. I attended Laguardia Community College graduating with honors and then Brooklyn College to pursue a bachelor's in Radio & Television. 
I've achieved many goals in my life with bodies of work in film and radio. I self-produced "Songs From a Room" an intimate singer/songwriter podcast. Currently, I am an associate producer for Greenleaf Productions where I'm working with a great team creating television programs for reach tv and a&e. 
My goal is to use the art of media to educate the un-informed and spread a positive message of unity through addressing the flaws in our history and the corrections that can be made to our present. 

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